Celebrating my 1st year as a Professional Photographer!

I am super excited and have been waiting a long time for this day. Today I am celebrating my 1st year as a Professional Photographer. I was talked into it from many people and I am so thankful I took the leap! At first I was nervous about it but everything has turned out better than I expected.

I had such a wonderful year with my clients. I was just thinking this week of how truly blessed I am to have met such nice, caring and fun people. Everyone has been such a joy to photograph. I couldn't pick better people. What an incredible job watch new Moms go from being pregnant to having their first child. I love doing maternity photos then being blessed to have the pleasure of photographing their newborns. My job is more than a job, it's a gift. To me having the chance to meet new people every week then 3-6 month down the line seeing their children or Grandchildren grow up. Wow it's an amazing opportunity or joyful experience. Work is something that is hard. Photographing people is fun and exciting.

Can't wait till the future to see how much my work improves. I have seen it change this year and it has been kinda a slow process which for a perfectionist like myself it's tough to be patient. I just want to be the best right now. I am learning the beautiful part is the going through the journey not the end goal...

Thank you everyone for being such great clients!!
Super excited for future photos with you, your family and friends!!

I will be taking a Maternity leave in 2010

I wanted to let my clients and future clients know I will be taking a maternity leave next year 2010. I am just not sure when exactly, maybe 3-4 months. I might have to have another c-section and at the end it's going to probably be a little tough getting in crazy positions to take photos.

Plus I would like to send a little time with my newborn baby. Who I am just dying to see and hold. I am in Due middle of March.
But I can't wait to get back into serving all you again!!! Please email me if you are interested in booking and we can go from there. Thanks for your patience..

PayPal added to my website

I am super excited to finally be added PayPal on my website. In the past clients have asked me if I take my deposits over the net. I didn't have that option and now it's so great to make it easier on you all. The internet is fast and handy but this is wonderful.

1. You can pay your deposit through PayPal.
2. You can pay the rest of your balance the day of your shoot as well. This way you dont have to worry about going to the bank or writing a check.

At your convenience it's just a few click of a button and your done in minutes!!
Check it out: http://lesliestyler.com

Angie G - Newborn / Teen / Family

Angie and I have been talking on Facebook for sometime now. I was really anxious to meet her. She was super sweet woman just as I expected. She brought her 2 daughters, one was a few months old and the other was around 12. Her husband didnt come but maybe next time. I had lots of fun taking photos of her 12 year old daughter photos. She was so photogenic and fun to try different poses with. Now I am anxious to work with more teenagers. I could have taken photos of her for a long time but we were losing the sun too quickly. I asked Angie to step in a couple photos, she didnt want to cause she didn't get ready for the shoot it was suppose to be all about her daughters.
I was so happy she ended up letting me take a couple of her cause she is really pretty inside and out and I think the photos came out great. Angie is someone I could hang out with, she is so nice, cool and easy to talk to. Check out how beautiful her family is.



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Leslie S- Family Portrait Session

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a portrait shoot with a really nice couple and their baby girl. Little H was 21 months and so precious. Mom was from Illinois and Dad was from Northern Cali (my favorite place)..
Poor baby girl had a fever the day before the shoot and stitches removed from her chin. She wasn't feeling too good cause she had the sniffles and maybe a touch of a cold. Through it all she did good and I photographed a few adorable shots of her. I felt so bad for her cause she cried for a little bit. She loved the ducks in the lake and the train that went by. Wait till you see how cute this dress her Mommy found for her. I just love the stitching on it. Check out how beautiful this family is!! Thanks Leslie it was really great to meet you and your family!!

Tonia - kids session

Tonia had the most adorable little girls. I felt so bad when we arrived she had her hands full. Her husband was working. She had to get all the girls dressed, twins and a 4 year old. Plus the one of the twins was cutting a tooth.. poor baby. So she wasn't too happy during the shoot. But they were so sweet. You should have seen them crawling super fast. She would put one down and they would crawl so fast and far away. Then her 4 year old would run across the field.

My heart went out to her. I was so surprised with how well she handled the entire shoot. She has so much patience, didn't get upset or frustrated. She just said lets just get what we can. I just photographed away and LOVED the results!! The girls were so cute that their photos are so sweet. I loved the colors of the shirts she choose. She picked all the same shirts and it came out beautiful!! So fun!!
Check them out!

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Clare_Maternity Session

Clare and her husband met me at a park to shoot her maternity session. She was around 33 weeks. Which is really a perfect time to schedule a maternity session. I have had clients wait till they are 36 weeks and miss their chance because they go into labor. Clare is an adorable and beautiful woman at the same time! I rather enjoyed this session with them. I enjoy all my photo sessions with all my clients. I just love people so it makes my job so wonderful!

I thought they made the most beautiful couple to shoot. They are from Australia so you know they had sweet accents. They like to hike so we got into talking about that for while we were leaving. I can't wait to shoot their baby when it comes for the 1st newborn session!! I super excited to see how adorable their baby is..
Enjoy their beautiful session!




I am completely booked solid for the till Christmas except a few days left.

You have 2 options to schedule

1. you can schedule during the week
2. put you on a waiting list for if someone reschedules cause of sickness

If you would like to be scheduled during the week or be put on a waiting list just email me with your contact information and I will call you if I have any cancellation.

Weekdays till Christmas & after that are currently open:
December 7-11
27, 28-31

Arushee & Family Session

I met Arushee and her family at a park in Tempe. It was really wonderful to meet them. She works at a nonprofit company with people with dyslexia. Which I found really great!!
They have 2 boys who were simply adorable. I had such a fun time shooting these kids.
They were so good and well behaved.

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Phoenix Professional Portrait Photographer

Kim R- Newborn Session

Kim called me in August to have her maternity photos taken. Only a few weeks later she booked her 1st newborn session.
I was so excited to meet her new little girl. Wow I love taking photos of this family, they are all so beautiful and their photos come out so nice every time. The photos of their little girl came out so sweet, she is just very precious. Poor baby couldn't sleep cause as soon as she fell asleep we were moving her around for other poses. She was a little upset and was tired but who could blame her we interrupted her sleep. I was very happy with how they turned out though and hope Kim and Tony enjoy them more!!! Can't wait to see how cute she gets as she gets older.
Please enjoy this beautiful family. Thanks Kim for calling me again and being so patient with the shoot, since it ended up being a long shoot!