Lisa W- Toddler Session

My in laws neighbor Lisa W. and her husband Mike called me to take photos of their sweet girl.
She is 3 months older than my son. Little Miss A. was my first practice shoot. They let me practice on her last year before I started my business. They are a really great fun family. We really enjoy hanging out with them. The sad thing is they moved out of my in laws neighborhood so we dont get to see them much lately. But the good news is they still live in Gilbert.
Lisa and Mike both have a great sense of humor, which is so refreshing.
I loved how this shoot came out. Little Miss A. is so beautiful and was really good for the shoot. I can't believe how big she is getting.


When I was on one of my first photography shoots, waiting to meet my new client. I was nervous because I didn't want to screw up anything.. I prayed and looked up and saw a huge rainbow right over the area where I was going to take the photos. That is what always happens to me. My Aunt, Grandma & I have all the same thing happen with rainbows. Funny how God works huh!!

This is for all those who have rainbows come to them when they really need to hear from God or just need to have peace today..

Wacom Tablet

A few weeks ago my wrist was hurting. I decided to such it up and buy the wacom tablet.
I went to college for computer animation because it was my dream to work in film doing visual effects. Anyways I have always dreamed of having a wacom tablet to do my work on. Growing up as a kid I was always drawing all day and every where I went. When I was in school I had a really hard time paying attention because I was seriously drawing the entire time. So the wacom tablet was really fun to get as a new toy. Plus it has truly helped me wrist to stop hurt. With long hours spent editing all my glorious clients photos. Which I love to do, now it is much more enjoyable!

Marsha & Bill (Baby E.)

Marsha & Bill hired me again to shoot their Grandson Ethan as a surprise for his parents. This is the second time they have done this for parents. They are the nicest couple you would ever want to meet. I enjoy seeing them and shooting the beautiful babies they bring. Ethan of course is a gorgeous baby. He is so adorable, his big blue are are stunning. I loved all his photos so I ended up posting a ton since I had a hard time deciding which to choose from. Also he was such a good boy and was so easy to shoot because he looked directly into my lens!!! What else could a photographer ask for!
I tease Marsha that she keeps me in business because she has already set up more appointments in the future for more friends.