Ryan W. & Family with their newborn baby

I am extremely extremely behind on my blogging. I am doing my best to catch up on posting some of my old shots. This way my clients can pass their photos to their friends and family and not have to worry about them even posting it themselves. The only thing I try to pick some of my favorite shots to go on my blog.

I met this family at Papago Park, AZ to photograph their family Portraits.
Wow I had such a wonderful time meeting this couple. Ryan's husband is from the East Coast which is always refreshing to meet people from there since I am from Pittsburgh, PA.
Baby C. was so sweet, and beautiful. What a good baby, it even got cold at the end of the shoot and she didn't even get upset. I think children that are good has a lot to do with how good the parents do in loving them. I had such a fun time talking to Ryan she made it hard for me to leave, I could have talked to her for hours.
Check out how beautiful this family is.

Kaleena & Jake's Engagement Photos

A few weeks ago I met this really great couple who hired me to shoot their engagement photos and a few with their son. Kaleena & Jake's turned out so fun. I love this engagement shoot because almost every photo you can see how happy their are together. Kaleena's face is just laughing and Jake's face was just beaming with love and smiles.

Every time I shoot engagement photos it makes me miss my hubby. When you first fall in love there is something magical about it. Something like a drug. You just can't get enough of hanging out with them and laughing. Everything they do is beautiful. Love is such a precious gift we are given and romance is amazing when it is cherished. It is hard to find true love, love that lasts forever.

I am blessed to have married a man who loves and adores me and I. I can't imagine being married to someone who didn't care for me. I was in enough bad relationships to know that finding the perfect person for you is so very important. To find that one person who just fits you , who you just mesh with. You know they take away that "not sure" feeling inside. You can laugh, and enjoy life together. They are both smart, kind and caring people. I was the lucky one who got to work with them.

I really enjoyed meeting this couple. Their shoot was so much fun, they were playful and energetic.
Just look through the photos and see!!! I hope to have the pleasure of working with them again someday!!

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L & L Baby Triplets

Last week I had the wonderful privileged to meet this really great family that live just 10 minutes from me. They hired me to photograph their newborn triplets and family. Their newborn baby girls were 5 weeks old when I photographed them. I love shooting newborns. They are so sweet, tender and precious to look at. I have the honor of shooting them to bring the memories straight into the families lives for years to come.

Wait till you see how adorable each one of these little girls are. The babies were so good during the shoot too!! They are going to turn out to be such beautiful little girls, I can only imagine what they will look like as they grow up. Their son Jaxon was a little cutie pie too. I would have liked to haves shot more of just him. The family was very nice they donated preemie clothes to my sister who just had a baby girl 5 weeks early. Wow such generous people. It really helped me sister out too because she wasn't expecting her baby that early and didn't have any preemie clothes for her.