Alisa J- Maternity session

Thank you everyone for checking out all my newest photo sessions.
I met Alisa and her husband a few weeks ago for her maternity session. We photographed these photos in their neighborhood. It turned out to be a beautiful location. The sad thing is I won’t be able to do her newborn session since I am taking maternity leave. But I can do photos of their baby after I come back. This couple was a lot of fun. They are such a beautiful couple together. I loved taking their photos because they were up for anything really and they were super nice. I enjoyed talking to them. Alisa is a design major and works in marketing so by the end of the shoot she was helping to come up with more ideas. I know their little baby is going to be beautiful!! Anyways, here are some images that we were able to capture.

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix

Maternity Phoenix


I have been slowly adding to my props collection lately. I just recently bought some newborn handmade hats. The ones above. The green hat was bought from Cricket Creations on Etsy.
Click here to view more of her work
Check out these hats below. I love them and addicted to this site. I can't believe how sweet these handmade items are. My Mom and I always made crafts so anything handmade to me is so much more beautiful because someone took the time and made them. This is the site that has tons of handmade items. You can find tons of things.

There are so many to choose from and good prices too. If you are wanting to get a newborn session, I highly recommend picking one and having it made. The prices range from $13-$30. The one I bought only took like a week or 2 to be sent to me. These are some I was thinking about getting someday. They are all so cute, I just can't decide. I linked some of them in case anyone wants to purchase these. I don't make any money from it. Just like to help others to enjoy getting their photos taken and other photographers. Click on the photo it will bring you to those sellers item.
(this is not my photography, I am using this photo as an example)

Booking in May with me

Many of my clients ask me if they I can book them for when I come back.
I haven't decided yet as of the exact dates I am returning. But yes I can pencil you in if you are interested. At this time I am not booking or taking deposits. When I decide the exact date I am returning then I can take your deposit and book you for sure. But for now I can pencil you in. Meaning that the date you choose I will put you down for that. If I decide to come back a week or 2 later than we work around that and schedule a good date for both of us.
I will miss photographing families and my clients. But in the meantime I will be practicing newborn shots on my little girl! So get ready and look out because I am going to master newborn sessions ;0)

I am starting a list now from mid May. Please email me if you would like penciled in.

May 15th -Terra H

Oxi Clean takes out every stain!

Oxi Clean is seriously magic, I love this stuff!

Soak it for a day or 2. Even if you dry a stain that didnt come out in the wash. It will come out every time. It's great for children's clothes because they get the most stains. I soak my sons clothes in the washer machine filled with soap and water and a little bit of Oxi Clean overnight and then start it up in the morning. Takes everything out. Oh and I use Spray and Wash as well. Just an extra tip.

Neti Pot - Colds & Allergies

We love that thing in our house. Every time we are starting to get a cold. This clears it up right away. Also really helps with allergies. My throat was killing me the other night and I used it and it literally took 85% of the pain away. I woke up and was stuffed up again and my throat hurt so I did the Neti Pot again it helped even more. Each day I like to do it till it clears it completly up.

No side effects
No chemicals
No having to take medicine

Here is the one I bought: Neti Pot at Walgreens (Drugstore). You dont actually put this one inside your nose.
You just put it at the edge and pour the water in as you tilt your head. Then the water should drain out the other side. Just dont tilt your head back too far or it will start going into your throat. Also you have to tilt your head over the sink so it runs there. It does work wonders. I blow my nose a few times in between doing it to get it drained out better. I feel this really helps. My husband just drains it all at once. When you blow your nose though don't blow hard or can you hurt your ears.

Switch sides of your nose in the middle of doing it. If you don't get good results I will be surprised. I have met so many people that use it and LOVE the results

Kim's Twin babies at 6 months

Marsha O. and Bill hired me shoot their Grandtwins for a year. The babies are adorable and melt your heart with their tiny little smiles. I photographed their first session around November of 2009. These babies are so beautiful and sweet. At the time they weren’t able to sit up and were 3 months. Now they are 6 months old and are able to sit up but start to tip over when you sit them up. It’s super cute!!! Luckily I got one photo of Owen sitting up for a moment. This whole family is such a pleasure to work with, I am truly blessed to have met them. I enjoyed talking to them after about the babies and how everyone is doing now.
At the end of the session poor sweet little Miss Katylen was tired and crying so we sadly weren’t able to get a shot of them both together. But next time we definitely will have to do that shot first.

Enjoy viewing this beautiful family!!

Star client of the day

Last night I thought it would be fun to post a new client's photo as my profile picture each day.
This way everyone could see a new fresh face. I hope everyone enjoys this new idea. I love to SHOW OFF my clients whenever I can. Especially when they have the cutest kids and babies!!

Please make comments or if you want give them a few stars that would be fun too!

Telle -Maternity Session

Today I met Telle and Chad for her maternity shoot.
We met at a fun location. I was super excited to do something different. I tend to do most of my shoots at parks. For me this was a challenge to start try new ideas, it was great! I love meeting new people who are up to spontaneous ideas.
This beautiful couple were lots of fun to talk to and photograph. Telle is a manager at a mortgage company and Chad is an does IT. The funny thing is a ton of my clients do IT, for a living. She was 33 weeks pregnant and is due in January. I have a few clients that are due from now till January. I can't wait to meet their new little arrival (who just came yesterday)

I give a 20% off for newborn shoot after buying a maternity session. It is so neat to see how everyone's baby turns out and what they look like. I love having this wonderful opportunity to see this miracle happen. One minute the baby is in their Mommies tummy and a few weeks later the baby has arrived!! What a joyful time in life, I am truly blessed to have this chance.

The thank you photos was for their thank you cards from her shower.