Miss C's sweet kids

Mrs. B & her kids

I had a really nice time with this family too.
I could have stayed all day and talked to Mrs. B. We had so much fun talking about our kids time just went by so fast. I was kinda sad because I didn't get as many different angles as I wanted to and different shots from this shoot. Their family is just so cute!!
Little Mr. L was running around at the end. So it was tough to get him photoed after a while. He met some nice girls on the playground. Luckily I had taken a few before they met.

Eskimo kiss

Honestly I couldn't decide between the black & white or the color for this photo.
They are both so great!!

Loving moments

There something magical about being a new parent. Just falling in love with this precious new baby that has come into the world. I am not good at writing but hopefully my camera says it all!!
I caught a few special moments today that Little C.'s parents love just shined through so brightly.
I had to post a couple.
You can really tell the just adore her!!

Look what happy new parents they are!!

Little Miss C

This one is adorable!!!


The R family

Some days are good days and some days are so so days. But today was an incredible day for our photo shoot. I haven't posted in a while because I am swamped with work!!!
My shoots have been every single day since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving till the end of the month.
So I am up editing and had to take a peek at today's shoot.
Everyday I come home from a shoot and upload the photos. Then I edit the my old work. But I usually I am so excited to see the days work that I can't wait that long to take a little peek to see how they turned out. My passion is capturing those precious moments that fall away so fast.
Yesterday and today I was blessed enough to work with 2 families that had newborns. Yesterday was a 6 week old and today was a 4 month old. Both were adorable!!!
I had to post a few pics just because I couldn't resist!

I love seeing the love that Father's have for their children. I have to post a few of my favorites here. Just seeing that joy & love of their new little child in their arms. To see them make that baby smile and laugh brings such joy to my heart.

Children are so fun to photograph, they have so much tenderness to them.
I love their little hands and feet!! I can't ever get tired of taking new pictures of different people
and their seeing their personalities just shine through. It is so incredible meeting new people and where they have been in life. I love my job!

These two are brother and sister and they are so sweet together.
They finally warmed up to the camera and had fun at the end of the shoot. Which made it much easier!!

I am not sure if the word sassy or spunky describes Little Miss A. better.

Girl sweetness

I got the privilege of photographing this really fun family this past weekend.
But their Granddaughter little Miss A. was so cute and a little shy to the camera.
Here is her beautiful little face!!