Get booked for your Family Portraits for the Holiday Season!!!!

Hurry now to book dates for the new holiday season. Before you know it
you will be swamped with having to buy presents, decorate, make food for the holiday, visiting family, etc. . Last year I was booked extremely fast from Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas. Some people waited till the last minute and missed their chance.

Do you send Christmas cards out with your family portraits? Then you might want to schedule
something asap with me before the season starts.

You have 3 months till November and 4 till December time goes fast. By December I can't promise you I won't be booked. So I would schedule a session now if I were you.

Ashley V- Newborn + Family Portraits

I met Ashley & Matt last December with their 2 dogs and 1 year old son. We met at a park to shoot their family portraits for the Christmas season 2008. Since I have had the honor of photographing them 3 times. The second photo shoot was her maternity photos which we did at their house, which I am seriously that behind on my blogging that I still need to post those photos. I will Ashley I promise.
Just need to go back and do it!!

Ashley's baby got really sick after he was born. They thought he had a blood infection and the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. This poor baby was going through so many trials and he was only like a few days old. My heart broke for this family even know I only met them a few times. I just couldn't imagine what they were going through having to be at the hospital constantly for tests and not knowing what was going on.

My husband went through a rough time a while back this year and had to have tests done on his heart this year and it was very scary, we didn't know if he was going to have a heart attack or if he was still going to. The point is not knowing can really put you in a hard & scary place. I wanted to bring them food or do something for them during this time. So after their little T. got better I offered to do a free photo shoot for them, it was the least I could do with all they had been through.

During the shoot little T. won't go to sleep so we could get some sweet sleeping photos. Just as he fell asleep Ashley laid him down and he woke right back up. Poor little guy. Hopefully he slept after I left. We managed to get some cute photos in the meantime. Right at the end of the entire time I was there, he gave us his best. He was so good and calm...thanks little T.
Sad thing is his big brother K. was having a hard time that day and we didn't get a ton of photos of him. There were a few cute ones though. It was really great to see them again, they are such nice people. I always have such a nice time with them when I see them. If you know them you know what I am talking about.

Nikole M - Newborn & Family Portraits

I met Nikole when her baby was a month old. We were outside doing some cute photos of her sweet newborn. Then a huge thunderstorm came. We packed everything up as fast as we could, then running to the car. While she was putting her car seat in, I had the privilege of holding her sweet baby M. We picked up the other half inside her house which was nice because this summer has been so HOT!! Plus we got some really cute shots of baby M and her Daddy. I think photos with baby and Daddy is always so nice. It is natural for a Mother to love her baby. But it's not everyday you to capture the beautiful love between the Father daughter relationship.
Nikole and her husband Rocky were fun to talk to and learn more about. I had a great time photographing their family!!!

Bought the Nikon D300

My old camera broke in May so I had to buy a new professional SLR camera. Well I was saving up for it.
I was actually really thankful because I had my eye on this camera for a long time.
When I bought it was fell straight in love. Every moment I have used this camera it has been a blessing. Thankfully God has helped give me lots of business to help pay it off.
This camera had truly changed how the way I look at things and the quality of the photos is a million times better than my old one. I can't even imagine having a better camera, even know there are more out there.

Presenting the Nikon D300

Nikon D300 In-depth Review, Phil Askey, March 2008