Kim's Twin babies at 6 months

Marsha O. and Bill hired me shoot their Grandtwins for a year. The babies are adorable and melt your heart with their tiny little smiles. I photographed their first session around November of 2009. These babies are so beautiful and sweet. At the time they weren’t able to sit up and were 3 months. Now they are 6 months old and are able to sit up but start to tip over when you sit them up. It’s super cute!!! Luckily I got one photo of Owen sitting up for a moment. This whole family is such a pleasure to work with, I am truly blessed to have met them. I enjoyed talking to them after about the babies and how everyone is doing now.
At the end of the session poor sweet little Miss Katylen was tired and crying so we sadly weren’t able to get a shot of them both together. But next time we definitely will have to do that shot first.

Enjoy viewing this beautiful family!!