Sammy’s Senior Portrait

Saturday I was very blessed with Sammy as my first senior portrait. She did an amazing job. I was so excited & anxious to actually shoot a senior who would be posing for me. It was so thrilling to work with her. She was creative, and was a natural in front of the camera. . I can’t explain the rush it was for me to be able to take her photos, try new angles and try to make her look great. It’s funny as a photographer I always try to get to know my clients as I photograph them. The reason is as a photographer you aren’t just taking someone’s photos you are capturing their soul their spirit. You are taking capturing their emotions at that time in their life. I love to to get to know all about who the people as I photograph them.

As the session went on Sammy relaxed and had fun with it. By the end of the session Sammy and I were coming up with really fun and creative poses. She is gorgeous and very photogenic. I personally think she should model. She has that “look”, check her out.


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