Engagement Shoot (Lauren)

Yesterday I met and worked with an amazing couple from the East Coast. They were such beautiful people inside and out. I had a wonderful time with them. At first it was a little awkward for them, but as we went through the shoot they became more relaxed.

I just told them to relax and have fun with it. In the end their incredible love for each other shined through. Plus they started having a lot of fun with the poses and became much more creative. I loved it!!!!! It was so much fun to watch them play around with new ideas. I think this photo shoot was one of my favorites so far. Romance to me is one of the most beautiful gifts. True love is hard to find....

Look in their eyes when you go through these shots and see how their love is just pouring out!!!
It made me miss my husband and want to be more romantic.

Lauren should defiantly go into modeling, she is really beautiful and has the body for it!!!
She is magazine material. Well her wedding is going to be posted in the Wedding Chronicle of Arizona. http://weddingchronicle.biz/